Diversity Issues
Design Academy Eindhoven, NL

depatriarchise design and Futuress on listening to issues of diversity and inclusion in Swiss design education
“Sometimes I wonder, how real is the commitment of working with the aspect of diversity, and how much of this is pure tokenism?” This is one quote of many overheard during a recent roundtable conversation about diversity issues at Swiss design institutions, organized by the presenters of this talk. For our upcoming lecture, we will share more of these quotes with you, which detail experiences with racism, sexism, transmisia, ableism, and more in the context of art education. Together, we’ll unpack our new research and report that examines structural discrimination at major Swiss institutions. 
9th December, 7pm (CET) Design Academy Eindhoven, NL

Join us on Zoom Meeting ID: 942 3260 0129 Passcode: 646539