About depatriarchise design

depatriarchise design is a non-profit design research platform working across different mediation formats. Our manifold investigative and activist practice is rooted in intersectional feminism. Founded in 2017, depatriarchise design was born out of frustration with a design discipline that is deeply interwoven with discriminating structures. depatriarchise design started as a call for action. The urgency for change of the design practice and its dominant paradigms is our driving force.

Through texts, workshops, and exhibitions we are examining the complicity of design in the reproduction of oppressive systems, but also tell long-silenced stories. Constantly researching feminist pedagogies, we stir alternative modes of teaching design, initiating workshops, bringing like-minded people together to learn from and with each other.

We value collaboration and the co-creation of knowledge, therefore we often join forces with people, collectives and initiatives whose work we admire and with whom we share a common political ground. We believe in the transformative potential of design and are constantly looking for possibilities of how we can create more socially sustainable futures.

Team: Maya Ober (director and founder); Mayar El Bakry (depatriarchise design *!Labs!* manager); Anja Neidhardt (co-director and editor 2018–2021)

You can reach us at depatriarchisedesign@gmail.com

depatriarchise design is registered as a non-profit association in Basel, Switzerland, and works internationally.


Design website and code: Iyo Bisseck

depatriarchise design uses the New Rail Alphabet typeface which is a revival of the British Rail alphabet designed by Margaret Calvert of Kinneir Calvert Associates in the early Sixties.