Committing to Anti-Racist Action.
by depatriarchise design

Yesterday Layla F. Saad wrote:

Don’t let the black square become a symbol that you post but don’t back up with any action. It’s one thing to post a symbol. It’s an entirely other thing to do the life-long work. One requires entirely zero risk, the other requires you to put your mouth, feet, hands and LIFE into action and show up for the dismantling of white supremacy. Audre Lorde said it best: ‘Revolution is not a one-time event’.

We want to use our platform to make space, hear, reflect and learn about racism and anti-Blackness which are inherent to both our society and the design discipline. We want to confront our whiteness as a platform run by a lesbian German and an Ashkenazi Jewish woman, to become better allies, proactively anti-racist. We will be sharing resources for anti-racist education and action. This is just a beginning of our commitment as a platform with a big out reach not to be silent, to continue to speak up, to support, to share voices and work by Black designers and to challenge our whiteness. 

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