Depatriarchise Design is a collaborative platform and couldn’t exist without its contributors and supporters. This site is dedicated to all the people who have taken part in the ongoing discussion on the complicity of design in the reproduction of oppressive systems, focusing predominantly on patriarchy, using intersectional feminist analysis.


Benedetta Crippa is a graphic designer and communication consultant, MFA in Visual Communication from Konstfack University where she graduated with World of Desire, a handmade artist’s book celebrating plurality and visual democracy. Her current area of research concerns ways in which identity, emotion and compassion can expand contemporary design practices. She runs her own studio and research practice in Stockholm, Sweden.

Professor Griselda Flesler, head of Design and Gender Studies Department at FADU, University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Flesler is a designer, researcher, writer and educator.

Magdalena Goldin is an anthropologist, gender researcher, reproductive health counsellor and feminist activist, currently based in Lima (PE). Magdalena is a founder of Degenerar, a consultancy that conducts multidisciplinary research devoted to gender and women’s studies, with a strong focus on sexual and reproductive health. Magdalena is a frequent contributor to Tribuna Feminista, Proyecto Kahlo, Pikara Magazine and Mujeres Mundi.

Maya Ober is a Basel-based designer, researcher, educator, writer, and activist. She is a founding editor of  Depatriarchise Design. She works as a research associate at the Institute of Industrial Design at the Academy of Arts and Design in Basel. In her studio, Maya develops cross-platform projects, which explore production means, materials, and their socio-political milieu, recently focusing mostly on textile.

Anja Neidhardt is a Berlin-based design curator and writer (MA) and an alumna of Design Academy Eindhoven. She collaborates regularly with form Design MagazineDAMN Magazine and Designabilities. Currently, she also teaches Design History / Design Theory at Academy of Visual Arts Frankfurt.

Abigail Schreider is an interdisciplinary designer from Argentina pursuing her Master studies at the Köln International School of  Design where she researches about gender norms and service design practice. Abi currently defines herself as “under re-construction process” after the inevitable awakening that gender and feminist theory bring.