We strike back! – Feminist resistance on the Internet
with Iyo Bisseck and depatriarchise design


Participation is free of charge. Please sign up until 17 February 2021 via depatriarchisedesign@gmail.com

The Garage
Klingelbergstrasse 11
4056 Basel

Technology can be an incredible tool for exploration, but as a product of our society, it is not immune to the mechanisms of domination. It is by thinking about the relationship between technology and society, we can show that technology is an instrument for reproducing social inequalities. But how can we make it a tool for building another future? This *!Lab!* invites us to reflect on how to manage our relationship with the Internet and technology, by discussing examples of discrimination but also by seeking how these can be appropriated and re-shaped for our activist causes.

Design of the visual identity: Corin Gisel and Nina Paim (common-interest)
Typeface: Jaakko by Émilie Rigaud

depatriarchise design *!Labs!* is generously supported by the Culture Department of Basel-City

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