Kitchens of Care – Nurturing resistance around the table
with Mayar El-Bakry


Participation is free of charge. Please sign up until 13 November 2020 via

The Garage
Klingelbergstrasse 11
4056 Basel

Kitchens are sites of care as they traditionally allow us to cook and nurture ourselves and others. Using the moment of coming together and cooking as a starting point to co-learn and co-create, we collectively imagine what a Kitchen of Care can be. How can it work? What principles should it embody? And what impact could this kitchen have? This *!Lab!* draws on the notion of taking care of each other through gifting a meal. While we are cooking and eating, we will discuss the meanings behind the Kitchens of Care in the context of design.

Design of the visual identity: Corin Gisel and Nina Paim (common-interest)
Typeface: Elixir by Naima Ben Ayed and Redouan Chetuan

depatriarchise design *!Labs!* is generously supported by the Culture Department of Basel-City

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