Entweder oder – sowohl als auch Symposium
Vienna Design Week 2020

depatriarchise design and Mayar El-Bakry will present together “Bodies and/in spaces” at the “Entweder oder- sowohl als auch” Symposium at the New University, St. Pölten in Austria in the frame of Vienna Design Week 2020

“Bodies and/in spaces” is an invitation on a journey. A journey through public spaces, from our personal perspectives. In different scenes we will discuss the relationship of bodies with the designed (man-made) environment through the perspective of our lived experiences. The personal is political, because our own biographies and experiences influence our research, teaching and practice. Claiming the personal, we want to dissolve the pretence of objectivity and neutrality adopted by the design patriarchy.

»Entweder oder – sowohl als auch«
Gendersensibles Design
Vienna Design Week 2020
2. October 2020 (livestream)

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