Anja Neidhardt

(she/her) Anja Neidhardt is a PhD student at Umeå Institute of Design and Umeå Centre for Gender Studies. The aim of her research is to identify and analyse alternative, intersectional feminist practices that could be implemented by design archives and museums in order to contribute to the development of more just design disciplines. Before starting her PhD she worked as a self-employed design journalist and educator. In 2016 she graduated with a Master degree in Design Curating and Writing from Design Academy Eindhoven. From 2012 until 2014 she was a member of form Design Magazine’s editorial team. Anja has contributed to depatriachise design since June 2017, and became co-editor in February 2018. One of her latest pieces is “The Politics of Display. Review of Vitra Design Museum’s Papanek Exhibition”.

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